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Every year it is estimated hundreds of billions in tax obligations are underreported and underpaid to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Whistleblowers who provide specific and credible information about tax fraud or tax underpayments that leads the IRS to recover at least $2 million in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties are entitled to an award of between 15% and 30% of the amount recovered.

Any individual, including non-U.S. citizens, can be a whistleblower under the IRS Whistleblower Program. To receive an award, the person wishing to expose the tax violation must meet several conditions to qualify for the program.

Important Information for IRS Whistleblowers

Recently, the IRS Whistleblower Program published its annual report for the fiscal year 2020. According to the report, whistleblowers received awards exceeding $86 million last year. And, since 2007, the IRS Whistleblower Program recovered over $6.14 billion in unpaid taxes. Assuming whistleblower awards of 20% of the proceeds, that could be roughly $1.2 billion in an IRS whistleblower reward for turning in tax cheats.

Brown, LLC is an accomplished law firm that handles IRS whistleblower claims. As a qui tam law firm led by a former FBI Special Agent and Legal Advisor, we have recovered millions for our clients and tens of millions for the government. If you have credible allegations that a business or individual is committing tax fraud, you may be entitled to a significant reward and should speak with an IRS whistleblower lawyer to learn your rights.

Additionally, certain states like New York and Illinois allow for private individuals to file claims on behalf of the state against individuals cheating against state tax obligations.  The New York Tax Fraud statute and the Illinois False Claims Act are unique statutes that permit significant recoveries for state tax fraud. The lawyers at Brown, LLC are licensed in both jurisdictions as well as many others, and handle cases nationwide. Trust our experienced federal whistleblower attorneys to protect your rights and guide you through the complex legal process.

Tax Amount

In order to qualify for a reward, you must provide information on tax fraud or tax underpayments that total $2 million or more in combined taxes, penalties, and interest.

Annual Income

To qualify for a reward where the reported tax fraud is committed by an individual, that individual’s annual income must exceed $200,000.

Reward Amount

The IRS whistleblower reward ranges between 15-30% of the amount the IRS collects and depends on the quality of proof that you present to the IRS.

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Here are three most essential conditions you need to know:

Good IRS whistleblower cases primarily include whistleblowers having insider information and extensive documentation to support their claims.

The Internal Revenue Service awards whistleblowers who provide credible information that businesses and individuals are cheating their tax obligations and with the use of an IRS whistleblower lawyer you could potentially remain anonymous.  Tax cheats commit fraud in many ways, such as underreporting earnings, tax evasion, creating bogus deductions, hiding money and assets, and a variety of other ways. To be entitled to an award, the information must be original and signed under penalty of perjury, and the disputed tax amount must exceed $2 million or relate to an individual taxpayer whose annual income exceeds $200,000.

Even though there are a number of tax fraud schemes, good IRS tax whistleblower cases generally involve one or more of the following three tax scenarios:

  1. Non-filing: It occurs when a taxpayer, intentionally or negligently, fails to file a tax return on time.
  2. Underreporting: It occurs when a taxpayer understates their income or overstates their deductions, exemptions and credits on their return.
  3. Underpayment: It occurs when a taxpayer files their return but fails to pay the sum due on time.

Choosing The Right IRS Whistleblower Attorney

Tax fraud whistleblower cases are complex. To maximize your tax reward, you should always seek legal advice from an experienced IRS whistleblower attorney.

The IRS pays awards only to those individuals who are first to file a whistleblower claim. This means that if you file your whistleblower claim even one day after another whistleblower files the same case, you may miss out on your whistleblower reward. Hence, if you are thinking about blowing the whistle, you should speak with our firm right away.

The 2020 IRS annual report, discussed above, highlighted some of the pitfalls unsuspecting whistleblowers faced when reporting tax fraud to the IRS – if reported in the wrong way; thus, the use of a whistleblower law firm is integral. In 2020, over 11,000 whistleblower claims were denied for a range of reasons, including (1) incomplete whistleblower form, (2) speculative or non-credible allegations, (3) being outside the statute of limitations. Additionally, cases can take years to process, since the IRS does not pay awards associated with a claim until there is a final determination of proceeds. A skilled IRS whistleblower law firm can help avoid the negative outcomes, maximize the chances for resolution of your claims, and expedite the process.

Brown, LLC’s track record of taking on major corporations and the firm’s national reach make us a valuable advocate to have on your side, if you choose to blow the whistle.

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