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$140 Million Judgment for False Claims Act Allegations (Whistleblower Case)
$100 Million Pharmaceutical Liability
$32.5 Million False Claims Act Settlement (Whistleblower)
$22.9 Million False Claims Act Settlement (Whistleblower)
$6.85 Million False Claims Act Litigation
$6.5 Million False Claims Act Litigation
$5 Million False Claims Act Allegations; Whistleblower Award Over $800,000
$4.3 Million Settlement for Wage and Hour Class Action Case
$3.5+ Million Nationwide Settlement for Wage & Hour Class Action Case
$3.2 Million Settlement for Wage & Hour Class Action Case
$2.4 Million Settlement for Wage & Hour Class Action

Past Results Don’t Guarantee Future Success. The results in your case may vary depending on your particular facts and circumstances. All cases involve Jason T. Brown, Esquire and/or Brown, LLC

Brown, LLC is an aggressive, methodical law firm with a consistent track record of success

having obtained settlements and judgments for the maximum permissible amount under the law.

The head of the firm is a pioneer in litigation who’s been at the forefront of major lawsuits throughout his career, with multiple cases resolving for more than $100 million and stratospheric aggregate results.*

Lex Machina ranked Brown, LLC as the second most prolific whistleblower law firm in the last half decade, using qui tam lawsuits filed under the False Claims Act as a benchmark. Our experienced federal whistleblower lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights. The firm is filled with passionate litigators who primarily handle False Claims Act litigation, Fair Labor Standards Act wage & hour collective actions, mass tort matters, and high-stakes commercial and catastrophic litigation. 

Brown, LLC is led by storied Whistleblower Attorney Jason T. Brown, a former FBI Legal Advisor, and Special Agent.

Meet The Team

Brown, LLC is led by storied Whistleblower lawyer Jason T. Brown, a former FBI Legal Advisor, and Special Agent.

Our law firm is as compassionate and personal as we are aggressive and methodical. We help clients throughout the nation in multiple areas of whistleblower law, including the False Claims Act and whistleblower programs operated by the SEC, IRS, and Treasury. The firm robustly litigates against entities that systematically engage in schemes to defraud the government, such as Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

In addition to its prolific whistleblower division, the firm also has a mass tort department presently litigating cases involving Roundup NHL, Zantac cancer, Benzene cancer, Burn pit exposure, Camp Lejeune toxic water claims and Mesothelioma. The wage & hour department focuses on the collective rights of workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and files class actions holding employers accountable for illegally shorting pay. The firm handles certain other high-end litigation, such as commercial litigation, catastrophic injury matters, and copyright infringement matters.

If you are looking for an accomplished, action-packed law firm that tries cases to verdict in state and federal courts across the country, then you should speak with the lawyers at Brown, LLC. A litigation juggernaut, Brown, LLC routinely battles the most formidable firms in the country… and wins.

*Note that past success doesn’t guarantee future results. The results of your case will depend on your individual facts and circumstances.

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Over 100 million in judgments and settlements trials in state and federal courts.

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Whistleblowers are people of integrity who want to do the right thing. They can be savvy business people, high-level executives, healthcare workers – but they’re just good people caught in bad situations. We know that whistleblowers need to talk to someone who has been through the process before and can talk them through the process on how to blow the whistle. It is our job as whistleblower lawyers to protect you, and we take that job seriously. We want you to know that our whistleblower attorney team cares about doing the right thing as much as you do, and will counsel you from the beginning about whether – and how – you should blow the whistle.

Your Fight is
Our Fight

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Recovered

We have settlements and judgments in the hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in litigation areas such as whistleblower law, mass torts, serious injuries, and employment law. Mr. Brown was the first in the country to commence a battery of mass tort lawsuits that resulted in a $100 million settlement fund. Brown, LLC also filed a qui tam action under the False Claims Act that resulted in a $140 million judgment. 

We Work With Clients Nationwide

We have worked with thousands of clients all over the country and the world.

25+ Years of Service

We have dedicated our careers to helping others navigate tough legal situations.

24/7 Availability

You need help when you need help and that doesn’t always fall within typical business hours. We are available after hours or on weekends when it is most convenient for you.

Product Liability Industry Leaders

Jason T. Brown was the first lawyer in the country to file a battery of cases against a major pharmaceutical company, which ultimately led to a $100 million-dollar settlement.

Premiere & Prolific Whistleblower Law Firm

We have successfully litigated many qui tam cases under the False Claims Act, even after the government declined them. Brown, LLC is ranked by Lex Machina as the 2nd most prolific law firm for False Claims Act filings as measured in a five year span.

Former FBI Special Agent

Founder Jason T. Brown draws upon his specialized FBI training and experience to create a formidable work ethic amongst the team and protect and help our clients.

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