Best Truck Accident Lawyers

Why do truck accidents happen?

  • Speeding, Overloading
  • Poor Visibility or Lighting Especially at Night
  • Equipment Failure
  • Tailgating
  • Overstressed or Overworked Drivers
  • Highway Hypnosis
  • Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Lack of Familiarity With the Route

The one common factor in all of the above-mentioned scenarios is that the root cause of the problem is negligence on part of the truck driver, or the truck company. Even if there are adverse conditions, safe driving could prevent accidents, or reduce the injury from impact. Many accidents may take place in long rural roads like in the twin states, North Dakota and South Dakota. No matter where it occurs in the country certain truck accident law firms, like our firm will consult with you about the accident and travel to see you if the case warrants it and can file the matter in conjunction with local counsel.

From the first moment you’re in a truck accident, the truck company has their insurance company working on the case to try and minimize their exposure. They may try to ask you your version of events again and again to create inconstancies, offer you pennies on the dollar, or ask your “permission” to fix something thereby destroying evidence. You need someone on your side right away. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident, you should call 1 (877) 561-0000 right now. Lawyers are standing by.

Every truck on the road is a potential death threat depending on the road conditions and the attentiveness of the drivers. An accident with a large vehicle can cause severe injuries, amputations, broken bones, broken sternums, knee injuries, internal body damage and in extreme cases, even death. Physical injuries are not the only adverse consequence of truck injuries; rather the injured may have a psychological aversion to driving and trucks or not be able to put the accident out of their mind. trucks have much more momentum than an average vehicle. Compared to a car, pickup truck, motorcycle, or any other motor vehicle, an

Given the rising cost of medical bills, the affected person’s inability to work, and the cost of repair of a damaged vehicle; the financial damage of a truck accident can be unmanageable. victims of truck accidents may suffer permanent or temporary setbacks at work. They may not be able to return to work at all. Compensation from a truck accident lawsuit may help the victim regain control over the financial spiral caused from the accident, and attend to medical bills and other financial liabilities.

Truck Accident Claims & Legal Process

Deciding what to do after a truck accident can be difficult. You need the best medical care as well as effective legal representation. Once you’ve cared for your immediate medical needs, you should focus on contacting a truck accident lawyer who can help you through the complex truck accident claims process.

Here are the steps we’ll take for you

  • Interview Counsel
  • Free Initial Truck Accident Consultation
  • Retention of Truck Accident Injury Law Firm
  • Notice & Preservation of the Truck Accident Information
  • Filing a Truck Accident Claim
  • Truck Accident Lawsuits & Litigation
  • Truck Accident Settlements & Resolution

Interview Counsel

The Choice of Counsel is an important one. You want a law firm that has a track record of success in the area of law that require counsel in and can try the case if needed. The Brown, LLC has million of dollars of recoveries for our clients and will try the case as needed. The head of the firm Jason T. Brown is a former FBI Special Agent who has taken matters to trial and has received settlements and judgments for the maximum permitted under the law. We are passionate and personable and look forward to speaking with you about your case at 1 (877) 561-0000.

The medical attention required after a truck accident, may be immediate, and may last for the coming few years, or even a lifetime. The following are the most common injuries caused due to truck accidents:

  • Third degree burns
  • Fractures and concussions
  • Other internal wounds
  • Spinal injuries
  • Skull/brain injuries
  • Death

Although you many never physical and mentally be the same, economic compensation may bring some modicum of resolution to these issues. In that direction, the first step is to hire a qualified truck accident attorney right away. An accident is extremely time-sensitive. You need to make sure the evidence is preserved, put on notice all the proper parties and maybe send an investigator to the scene. You must make sure that you obtain qualified legal help as soon as possible to protect your claim and rights.

Most trucking accident lawyers like our firm works on a contingency basis. This means were are only paid if we win your case. We will spend our time and money investigating and prosecuting the case and if we lose you don’t us a dime. We will take your case if we believe in it and of course we will do everything to make the case a success. With the legal guidance of a capable truck accident injury lawyer, we can shepherd you through your trucking lawsuit and work hard to obtain justice for the accident and your injuries.