Hernia Mesh Lawyers

Hernia Mesh Complications – Litigations

Hernia Mesh is commonly used to repair hernias which are essentially rips within the body. Some Meshes have been recalled and others are being investigated.

Certain Mesh Complications Include:

  • Hernia Mesh Revision Surgery
  • Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery
  • Tissue Adhesion
  • Obstruction of the organs such as the intestine
  • Hernia Mesh Migration
  • Mesh Perforation

Our Hernia Mesh lawyers are investigating the following brands:

  • 3D Max by Bard
  • C-QUR by Atrium Medical
  • Composix by Bard
  • Kugel by Bard
  • Marlex by Bard
  • Parietene by Covidien
  • Parietex by Covidien
  • Perfix Plug by Bard
  • Proceed by Ethicon
  • Prolene by Ethicon
  • Sepramesh by Bard
  • Ventralex by Bard

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We handle cases nationwide and we’re only paid if we win the case. Presently there is no hernia mesh lawsuit settlement, but cases must be filed in a timely manner. Legal analysts are drawing parallels to the transvaginal mesh litigation which settled for hundreds of millions of dollars and is still ongoing.

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