New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania Nursing Home Negligence/Malpractice – Abuse & Neglect

“We have a moral responsibility to protect our most vulnerable: our children and our seniors.” – Jason T. Brown  We love our parents but for many, there comes a point when the aged need care beyond what we can provide and we entrust them to various facilities such as nursing homes to tend to their needs. We expect the facilities to be attentive and responsive, and to treat our loved ones like they are their own loved ones. When this does not occur, it is not only profoundly disappointing, but can be downright dangerous and even deadly. Our firm has lawyers who handle Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect matters. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania all have laws that govern the standard of care in nursing homes, and also there is a body of law that discusses what constitutes malpractice. Sometimes the signs of nursing home abuse can be subtle and sometimes they are obvious, but even the obvious signs are missed at times. Here are some signs of nursing home abuse with some explanation behind them:

  • Bone Fractures
  • Cuts & Bruises
  • Bed sores – this is often a sign of neglect, since they usually are an indication that the patient is not moved often enough
  • Infections, especially when they occur frequently
  • Poorly nourished patients
  • Patients who don’t receive proper medication
  • Patients who have not been groomed, including lack of showering
  • Bad excuses from the staff, including non-explanations for injuries
  • Staff members refusing to allow you to meet with your loved ones outside their presence

This is not a comprehensive list but it exemplifies some crucial signs of commonly discovered abuse and neglect. Bad nursing homes prey on the inability of some of the elderly to communicate or their inability to remember due to medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Sometimes the neglect is what leads to the injury, other times there’s outright abuse because the facilities and their staff know the patient can’t talk or remember. The neglect can happen due to inattentive staff, overworked staff, understaffing or any combination of issues. Sometimes families can be frustrated seeing their loved ones in a weakened condition, but they fall prey to the excuses of the facility believing whatever is occurring is normal. Trust your instincts! If you are concerned with what’s happening, here are some steps you can take:

  • Keep a diary of all the occurrences you suspect, even if it’s just one thing. But if it’s more than one, there’s an immediate cause for concern.
  • Take pictures of any injuries or wounds.
  • Establish a code word your loved ones can use if they are being threatened or mistreated by the staff.
  • Ask your loved ones to explain if they have any signs of abuse or neglect, to the extent they are capable of doing so.
  • If your loved ones cannot explain, speak with the staff and ask them what happened, and put their answers in detail in a diary or log.
  • If you suspect that your loved ones are in immediate danger, you should consider reporting the matter to the authorities.

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