If It’s Not Right, We’ll Fight!™

With hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and judgments, a litigation team that has tried cases to verdict in State and Federal Courts all over the country, and a track record of sometimes obtaining the maximum possible relief under the law, Brown, LLC is a (secret) litigation powerhouse. Part of the secret is that the firm seamlessly interfaces with the Department of Justice with its qui tam practice and was ranked by Lex Machina as the second most prolific firm in terms of its False Claims Act litigation.

Brown, LLC is an aggressive, methodical law firm with teams of accomplished litigators handling complex litigation such as whistleblower litigation, class action lawsuits, commercial litigation and wage and hour rights. The firm is led by Jason T. Brown, a former FBI Legal Advisor and Special Agent, who is a distinguished, well decorated trial attorney. (Click here to read Mr. Brown’s statement on the current status of the FBI).

Passionate and personable, Brown, LLC works 24/7 and will field your questions or concerns after normal business hours or on weekends when it is most convenient for some of our clients. The firm offers free confidential consultations on a variety of matters – so call (877) 561-0000 to speak with our litigation lawyers, who routinely battle the biggest firms in the country…and win.

Our Mission

  • We Protect Whistleblowers
  • We Champion Like a Knight
  • We Handle High Stakes Litigation
  • We Fight for What is Right

A firm of fighters. We protect whistleblowers. We help victims of bad products. We Level the Playing Field for “the little guy” and wage war against wrongful conduct. We champion the cause of the taxpayers under the False Claims Act and litigate against systemic abusers who commit Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, Defense Contractor Fraud, Bank Fraud and Pharmaceutical Fraud.

Our Values

We value our partnership with you as a client. Brown, LLC is a client-centric litigation firm who keeps the process stress-free for our clients and shifts the stress to our adversaries. We value candid conversations with our clients, mapping out the trajectory of litigation, and building a life-long foundation of fairness and friendship with the people we represent.

Why Brown, LLC?

A Formidable Law Firm Powered by a Former FBI Special Agent

We Try Cases Nationwide

Track Record of Success - Millions Recovered for Our Clients

We'll Go The Distance - Some Of Our Biggest Victories Were After Refusals To Settle