Casting Couch Sexual Harassment

In legal terms there are generally two types of sexual harassment. The first is a hostile environment. This type of sexual harassment is often difficult to prove with there being battles of who said what to whom, how was management on notice, did the victim participate in the harassment and a host of other factors.

The second type of sexual harassment is called Quid Pro Quo, which means this for that. The trading of sexual favors for advancement at work, keeping one’s job, or hiring are clear violations of the law and the proofs are easy to establish. The concept of the Hollywood casting couch actually pre-dates Hollywood and originated in New York City with Broadway, where unscrupulous producers used their power to coerce sex as a condition of employment. Then came the roaring 20’s in Hollywood where the practice started and, despite decades of sexual harassment training for practically every other profession, somehow Hollywood missed the memo that this was prohibited.

Hollywood Harassment on the Casting Couch

Sexual Harassment is prohibited. Conditioning sex as prerequisite for employment or continued employment is forbidden. Someone would have to have their blinders on to not know that impermissible, uninvited sexual overtures in the workplace can lead to massive sexual harassment settlements and verdicts. However, Hollywood lives by the rules of do as they say, not as they do. Then again, in some of the movies they do and say many of a thing that just does not comport with reality. How did sexual harassment in Hollywood become so pervasive? From the exposé on Harvey Weinstein, to the alleged pedophilia exploitation of minors involving Corey Feldman, how did such a culture of enabling sexual predators persist?

Litigating Sexual Harassment Claims

One of the challenges in litigating sexual harassment lawsuits is that oftentimes the victims thinks it only happened to them. That’s why when one person comes forth and complains about it often opens the floodgates of claims as others are emboldened by courage and it’s contagious. At Brown, LLC we understand that these are often sensitive matters and we offer free consultations regarding different paths and litigation options you can have that may range from filing suit to keeping it confidential. We are very selective in the cases we bring, but if we can’t take your case we can certainly evaluate it for you and suggest someone else that might be able to assist.