The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is offering whistleblowers substantial rewards to report violations of federal vehicle safety rules, including the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the Vehicle Safety Act. The NHTSA recently announced its first whistleblower award in which an individual received $24 million NHTSA whistleblower award for providing information about Vehicle Safety Act violations.

If you know of an issue impacting the safety of the manufacturing of vehicles, you could be eligible to file an NHTSA whistleblower claim.

File your claim now.

Whistleblowers through the use of an NHTSA Whistleblower law firm may be able to file a claim anonymously. 

How much is the NHTSA whistleblower award?

Whistleblowers whose report leads to monetary fines of more than $1m can receive anywhere between 10 and 30% of the government’s recovery.

Who is eligible to become a NHTSA whistleblower?

Any employee or contractors of a motor vehicle manufacturer, part supplier, or dealership.

How to File a NHTSA Report

If you have information about potential vehicle safety problems and violations of law, you should consult with the experienced whistleblower attorneys of Brown, LLC to understand your rights.