Have a Whistleblower Law Firm Led by a Former FBI Special Agent with a Track Record of Success Work with You on Your Case

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Doctors, Nurses, and other Health Care Practitioners all over the country trust the lawyers at Brown, LLC to serve as their whistleblower law firm. Here are some of the reasons why the whistleblower team of Brown, LLC may be the right fit for your needs.


Results matter.  Litigation is highly complex, and qui tam litigation under the False Claims Act even more so.  The litigators at Brown, LLC have had many outstanding results and awards, including millions of dollars recovered for taxpayers. You can read more on our achievements page.

We Are Selective And Realistic

Our firm is in extremely high demand.  We select one out of over a hundred potential cases to litigate.  We have the luxury of choosing cases and clients we believe in, not just taking anything that comes through the door.  Consequently, that leads to us receiving premium value for the cases we work up and for the clients we have the fortune to work with.

Free, Candid, And Confidential Consultation

Our whistleblower lawyers will give you a candid evaluation of your case free of charge and with full confidentiality.  You are not obligated to work with us after the initial consultation and don’t owe us anything for our time

Blow the Whistle On Healthcare Fraud

WATCH: Former FBI Special Agent and Head of the Firm, Jason T. Brown on Reporting Medicare Fraud.


As a former member of the Department of Justice, the head of our firm seamlessly interfaces with the DOJ to maximize the chances of your case succeeding. Because of our familiarity with fraud investigations, we can react in real time to any developments and offer practical advice to root out critical evidence and protect your rights. In addition, whatever fraud you’re encountering – from systemic upcoding to kickbacks – our extensive history in the healthcare fraud space means that we have likely encountered it before. Our team is knowledgeable in medical coding, pharmaceutical regulations, electronic medical systems, and more. You will not have to waste your time explaining the basics to someone who might not understand the gravity of your case.

Personable & Committed

We love what we do: righting wrongs. We love working with people who have the courage to do the right thing.

National Footprint

Our attorneys are licensed in many jurisdictions across the country, and we have a network of attorney’s whose licenses we work under throughout the USA. We are extremely accessible and will meet you wherever, whenever, to defend your rights and those of the taxpayers.

Blow the Whistle Before Someone Else Does

We thank you for all you do in helping and healing the nation. Due to the first to file rule, blowing the whistle is extremely time sensitive. In fact, a day late may be a dollar short, since the first one to file may be the only one to collect a whistleblower award at the end of the day. Take the next step in improving the health care system by calling our whistleblower lawyers at 1 (877) 561-0000 for a free, confidential whistleblower consultation to understand your rights and options.