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The Anti-Money Laundering Act (“AMLA”) provides significant incentives and protections for whistleblowers to report illegal money laundering conducted by financial institutions and other entities. The AMLA awards whistleblowers up to 30% of the proceeds recovered from an entity in any judicial or administrative proceeding brought by the Attorney General or the Treasury Secretary, if the proceeds exceed $1 million.  Speak with the Whistleblower Lawyers at Brown, LLC for a free confidential consultations about your rights.

We Protect Whistleblowers Nationwide – File Anonymously

The AMLA provides significant protections for whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting money laundering the right way.  The AMLA also provides significant protections for whistleblowers, including reinstatement, double back pay, and an extended six-year statute of limitations period. If you are aware of significant money laundering contact Brown, LLC for a free consultation. With the use of an AML attorney you may be able to file anonymously.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering as the movement of illicit cash or cash equivalent proceeds into, out of, or through the United States or United States financial institutions. This definition includes criminal money laundering—such as transacting money and financial instruments which represent the proceeds of unlawful activity. A principal example of money laundering is when unlawfully-obtained money is routed or exchanged through multiple banks and financial transactions to conceal the original source of those funds.

Whistleblower Awards under the Anti-Money Laundering Act

The AMLA increases the whistleblower’s share to a maximum of 30%. While the amount of the award remains at the discretion of the Secretary, the AMLA now provides for judicial review of any decision by the Secretary to deny an award to a whistleblower.  The new Anti-Money Laundering whistleblower program is patterned after the SEC whistleblower laws which has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for whistleblowers since its inception, and cloaking its whistleblowers with the added benefit of anonymity with the use of SEC whistleblower counsel.

The Whistleblower Law Firm of Brown, LLC

Brown, LLC is a whistleblower law firm with a team of dedicated whistleblower lawyers who have been through it all…and have won time and time again. Although, no results are guaranteed, the firm is led by Former FBI Special Agent and Legal Advisor Jason T. Brown, who pushes cases to trial nationwide.  Brown, LLC is licensed in many jurisdictions and works with attorneys across the country to access the courts to file confidential qui tam matters under seal.  The lawyers have recovered in excess of a hundred million dollars for their clients, although nothing’s guaranteed.  Even better, like some of the best whistleblower law firms, Brown, LLC is not paid unless they win your case.

Anti-Money Laundering and the False Claims Act

By far, the most successful whistleblower statute over the last decade has been the False Claims Act, generating billions of dollars of revenue for the taxpayers each year, by holding cheats accountable.  The Anti-Money Laundering whistleblower laws may have an interplay with both the False Claims Act, and the IRS whistleblower provisions, so it’s best to speak with a firm that focuses it’s practice on protecting whistleblowers and navigating and elevating your case, putting in you in the best possible position to succeed; like the whistleblower law firm Brown, LLC, (877) 561-0000.