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$140 Million Judgment for False Claims Act Allegations (Whistleblower Case)
$100 Million Pharmaceutical Liability
$22.9 Million False Claims Act Settlement (Whistleblower)
$6.85 Million False Claims Act Litigation
$5 Million False Claims Act Allegations; Whistleblower Award Over $800,000
$4.3 Million Settlement for Wage and Hour Class Action Case
$3.5+ Million Nationwide Settlement for Wage & Hour Class Action Case
$3.2 Million Settlement for Wage & Hour Class Action Case
$2.4 Million Settlement for Wage & Hour Class Action

Past Results Don’t Guarantee Future Success. The results in your case may vary depending on your particular facts and circumstances. All cases involve Jason T. Brown, Esquire and/or Brown, LLC

Our Mission

A firm of fighters. We protect whistleblowers. We help victims of bad products. We Level the Playing Field for “the little guy” and wage war against wrongful conduct. We champion the cause of the taxpayers under the False Claims Act and litigate against systemic abusers who commit Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, Defense Contractor Fraud, Bank Fraud and Pharmaceutical Fraud.

We Work With Clients Nationwide

We have worked with thousands of clients all over the country and the world.

25+ Years of Service

We have dedicated our careers to helping others navigate tough legal situations.

Former FBI Special Agent

Founder Jason T. Brown draws upon his specialized FBI training and experience to create a formidable work ethic amongst the team and protect and help our clients.