The lawyers at Brown, LLC have successfully handled many arbitrations.  Most arbitration matters are taken on a contingency basis, meaning the firm is only paid if we win your case.  The head of our firm Jason T. Brown, is also panelist and arbitrator with the AAA.

When confronted with an arbitration clause some individuals, including lawyers, think they can’t sue. They think it’s too complex to commence an arbitration and become discouraged.  Our arbitration lawyers can review the arbitration clause and determine whether its enforceable. If there’s a reason why it may not be enforceable, we will discuss the options with you.  For example, in New Jersey, if the agreement doesn’t detail the administrator and/or the rules of the arbitration, the agreement may not be enforceable. If it is enforceable, we can talk you through the process and if we handle your case commence the arbitration.

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Our arbitration lawyers can set aside time to speak with you after hours or on the weekends when it’s most convenient for you. Arbitration may seem different at first, but once you speak with one of our lawyers regarding the arbitration process, it is just another legal proceeding that the right counsel can assist you with and hopefully help you obtain a successful arbitration award.