Forbes magazine strongly suggests individuals use lawyers to review their severance agreements. This is with good reason – the language in the fine print has consequences and oftentimes the agreement as designed may try to exploit that the employee is emotional over the stress of the event and his or her decision making capability is compromised.

The employer may place certain killer language in the agreement, like restricting your ability to work for a period, or perhaps indefinitely. Did you know courts may enforce non-compete clauses in severance agreements? This may affect your ability to obtain meaningful employment in the industry you’ve worked in your whole career.

Did you know you may be waiving your rights to ever sue the company? You may want an experienced lawyer to evaluate any claims you have or may have against the company compared to the money they are offering you via a severance agreement. Many employees have potential claims against their employer without knowing it.

Our firm offers paid consultations on severance agreements. In contrast to free consultations, where nothing that is offered can be relied on, with severance agreement review, you may need to rely on effective legal advice to make decisions that may have substantial consequences or impacts on your career and/or your rights. That is why we offer these consultations as a paid service to assist you.

With a severance agreement review, we will answer your questions regarding the agreement, counsel you regarding your options, and advise you of ways to balance your immediate economic payments and concerns with your long-term career goals and legal rights.

Our firm can separately also be retained to help negotiate a better severance agreement, although there never is any guarantee of success. Negotiations are complicated strategic processes. Just like any other activity, if you don’t do it often, the experienced negotiators often have an inherent edge.

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Our firm is experienced in dealing with severance negotiations as well as other complicated negotiations and will counsel you to what extent, if any, you need us in the negotiation and based on experience the likelihood of success.

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The truth is that when the employer puts you “under the gun” by giving you a short time to make a decision about whether to accept a severance agreement or not, you will need firepower in your corner too. Call our severance agreement lawyers at 1 (877) 561-0000 to assist you with this process.

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