Texas AG Intervenes in Brown, LLC’s Whistleblower FCA Case

Texas AG Intervenes in Brown, LLC’s Whistleblower FCA Case

A Texas qui tam action brought by whistleblower law firm Brown, LLC was promptly intervened by the State Attorney General. The case was brought under the Texas Medicaid Fraud and Protection Act (“TMFPA”), the state analogue to the federal False Claims Act, against pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, Inc. and Tris Pharma, Inc. for allegedly defrauding Texas Medicaid. The companies are accused of knowingly adulterating Quillivant XR, a pediatric ADHD medication, by using substandard manufacturing practices, then concealing those defects and providing false information to obtain coverage by Texas Medicaid.

Former FBI Special Agent and Legal Advisor Jason T. Brown, head of Brown, LLC, commended the Texas Attorney General’s Office for their hard work in addressing the serious allegations. The case alleges the companies knowingly falsified quality-control testing of Quillivant from 2012 to 2018.

The legal action underscores federal and state prohibitions against drug adulteration. Brown, LLC, recognized as a leading whistleblower law firm, is committed to combating fraud, and offers free consultations for those seeking to address potential False Claims Act matters. Individuals with knowledge about these or similar allegations are encouraged to call Brown, LLC at (877) 561-0000.

Attached is a copy of the State’s complaint in intervention.