Roundup Settlement Frequently Asked Questions

December 30, 2019

Roundup Settlement Frequently Asked Questions

 1) Is there a Roundup Settlement?

As of now although no firm has “officially” announced a Roundup settlement, there are strong indications that the case is in the settlement phase for certain firms.  Certain indicia that strongly suggest there is a settlement in the background:

A) The Plaintiffs have won some big Roundup Verdicts.

a.   2 Billion Dollar Roundup Verdict in May 2019

b.   289 Million Dollar Roundup Verdict in August 2018

c.   80 Million Dollar Roundup Verdict

A company cannot continue to withstand verdicts along those lines with uncertainty.   Traditionally, after a company is hit with multiple big verdicts it tries to resolve the global litigation.  Nothing is ever guaranteed, but the case fits the pattern of other mass torts that have resolved along the same lines

B)   Firms have deadlines for providing their census.  A census is a list of people the law firm represents.  Defendants ask for this information so they can understand the extent of their exposure. 

C)   Advertising radically scaled up after the verdicts and now is starting to pull back.  This again fits the pattern of cases that have resolved in the past

2)   What is the Roundup Lawsuit all about?

The Roundup Lawsuit is about individuals who were exposed to glysophate and then diagnosed with a Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL). 

3)   Do I need a RoundUp Lawyer?

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with NHL after exposure, it is strongly recommended to obtain counsel immediately to understand your rights, and potentially put you on a census for what may be a settlement group. 

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4)   What if I don’t have proof that I purchased Roundup, but I did over the years?

Proof in legal terms is evidence advanced that the other side considers.  In order to prove Roundup exposure, our Roundup Law Firm would work with you and your credit card companies, loyalty cards and other creative ways to see if we can obtain hard objective proof of the purchase.  If you worked in an industrial setting, such as a landscaper or gardener, we may try to obtain employment records of some sort (even if it was off the books).  Some people still have the bottles lying around which is proof in itself.  Also, if we can’t obtain any of the above, if you can truthfully testify that you made Roundup purchases over the years, we can put together a detailed affidavit for you to sign. 

5)   Isn’t this a Roundup Class Action where the lawyers wind up with all the money?

This is not a class action first of all, it is a mass tort.  When mass torts classically settle, they settle along the lines of injury cases, which is the client receives the lion-share of the recovery and the law firm takes a percentage if successful.

6)   What’s the risk to me if I participate?

The risks are very little to you at this point if you were diagnosed with NHL after exposure to Roundup.  If indeed the Roundup settlement is in the works, then the chance of actually having to appear in Court is next to zero, although nothing is ever guaranteed.  Further if you use a firm like ours, we spend our money gathering the medical records and other proofs, and if the case does not result in money for you, you don’t owe us anything at all.  That is, our retainer is on a contingency basis, so we’re only paid if you are. 

7)   So are you telling me that the Roundup Settlement is guaranteed?

No!  Nothing is ever guaranteed.  What it’s important to know however is there are statutes of limitations to bring Roundup lawsuits. Beyond those, there are internal settlement deadlines that must be followed which are tricky because while your statute of limitations may still exist, lawyers may not take your case if it’s outside of the mass settlement terms.

8)   How do I sign up and who will be working on my case?

At Brown LLC, our RoundUp litigation team consists of many individuals who will work diligently on your case starting with the head of the firm Jason T. Brown who served as a former FBI Special Agent.  Attorney Coco Guan leads up the Roundup charge, and our mass torts staff members of Sarah, Angiee, Vanessa, and Sue and others will work with you as well. 

To sign up, please call the office at (877) 561-0000.  It is extremely time sensitive as we are trying to provide our census by 12/30/19.  As of this writing that leaves only a day.