If you know about some sort of fraud you should speak with a whistleblower lawyer King of Prussia, PA trusts. Whistleblower laws are extremely complex and your rights my wildly vary depending on the circumstances. Did you know that Pennsylvania does not have its own whistleblower statute that mirrors the False Claims Act (FCA), but city of Philadelphia has one. Federal False Claims Act (FCA), are cases that are commonly referred to as “whistleblowing cases” but they may not even be actionable at all, so it’s best to speak with a whistleblower law firm with a track record of success. A whistleblower lawyer in King of Prussia, PA at Brown, LLC (formerly JTB Law Group, LLC) is an experienced whistleblower lawyers led by a former FBI Special Agent.

It’s not just determining whether you have an actionable qui tam, aka whistleblower case, it’s knowing how to file and where to file and all the little secrets to put it in court under seal so the Defendant doesn’t get wind of the case.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lacking an actionable statute for the False Claims Act should not be a deterrent to trying to file a case if you know of someone defrauding the government, as a whistleblower lawyer in King of Prussia, PA. There is still the FCA, SEC whistleblower laws, CFTC whistleblower laws, IRS whistleblower laws, the city of Philadelphia whistleblower laws and a smattering of wats to protect individuals who know information about corruption.

A classical whistleblower case under the FCA involves allegations of defrauding the federal or state government in which the person relating the claim on behalf of the government otherwise known as the relator can obtain up to 30% of the amount recovered.

Some of the more nuanced claims which may be relevant are the SEC Whistleblower cases and CFTC whistleblower cases since PA has some financial centers. An SEC Whistleblower claim is an interesting type of claim where the SEC whistleblower through the use of whistleblower counsel can remain anonymous from start to finish. SEC cases involve information of publicly trading companies engaged in corrupt practices or the industry itself taking profits at the expense of the clients. For example, if a company knows that its earnings are going to be down and all the insiders sell based on that information leaving the regular investors behind the curve it is in insider training. If an insider knows of the insider trading they can blow the whistle on the practice and potentially receive a big SEC whistleblower award.

Similarly, the CFTC whistleblower statutes provide for whistleblowers to be compensated if they know information regarding illegal conduct that is regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. In 2018 one whistleblower alone received $30 million dollars.

The most common type of whistleblowing case one encounters involves Medicare and Medicaid fraud, as a whistleblower lawyer in King of Prussia, PA can attest. There is also a prioritization regarding opioid fraud. Medicare fraud can take many forms including overbilling, false coding, and many other dimensions of fraud.

Don’t sit home and just wonder if you have a whistleblower case. Learn your rights. Only the first to file a case can receive a whistleblower award, so in the words of Ricki Bobby in this race if you’re not first you’re last. Don’t delay, call right now to speak with a whistleblower lawyer King of Prussia, PA employees turn to.