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One thing about whistleblower laws is that they’re a maze that you can easily become lost in, but worse if you take the wrong path you’ve killed your case. The lawyers at Brown, LLC (formerly JTB Law Group, LLC) are experienced whistleblower lawyers.

A whistleblower case generally involves allegations of defrauding the federal or state government. The United States and the State of New York have whistleblower laws that permit relators to commence a case for the government that can recover up to 30% of what the whistleblower recovery.

New York State has a very interesting facet of its whistleblower laws, as a whistleblower lawyer in Rochester, NY can attest. Compared to other states, New York allows a New York Whistleblower to recover monies for tax cheats. This can come up in a variety of ways, but one big way that this comes up is in the wage and hour context where employers pay employees off the books to avoid paying payroll taxes. Sure, there is an IRS whistleblower statute, but that could take years and you need to tee that up on a silver platter to have traction with a case along those lines. With New York, the government has the right idea, and if you know a tax cheat and properly report them with specific credible information, not only will you be helping the taxpayers, but you could obtain a significant whistleblower award of nearly 30% of the recovery. So a company that avoids 1.5 million dollars of taxes a year for 6 years for a total of 9 million could result in a 2.7 million dollar whistleblower award.

Lately, the emerging trend is to litigate whistleblower matters under the False Claims Act (FCA), a federal statute that enables relators to commence actions as an agent for the government, but not a true agent. There are many dimensions in which one can blow the whistle on fraud against the government. They include:

  • New York Medicare Fraud
  • New York Medicaid Fraud
  • New York Tax Fraud
  • New York SEC Fraud
  • New York Commodities Fraud, aka New York CFTC Whistleblower action
  • New York Defense Contractor Fraud

With New York City as the financial focus point of the world, New York has a disproportionate amount of whistleblowers that delve into the SEC whistleblower and CFTC whistleblower areas. Those cases can involve things like junk bonds, fake IPO’s, cryptocurrency fraud, brokers defrauding their clients, major financial institutions lying to the regulators (think Bernie Maddoff), and many other wrongdoings that ultimately focus on companies that have self-interest and put their own interests and profits over the wellbeing of their clients, as a whistleblower lawyer in Rochester, NY can explain.The health care codes are extremely complicated and health care practitioners or those working in the health care field may be in a position to blow the whistle on various types of Medicare Fraud and Medicaid Fraud. The government has made it a super-priority to address the opioid epidemic, so the over prescription of opioids in conjunction with incentivization for the prescriptions could lead to a swift government reaction for the right whistleblower. Sometimes pain management doctors will use illegal runners to pay for brining drug addicted people to the clinic to continue to bill them as they are good repeat customers. The kickbacks may be more than cash, things like bus rides, trips, hotels, casino nights, etc. have all been used before and will probably be used again.

Classical Medicare and Medicaid Fraud involve overbilling, improper billing, billing for services not rendered, and a host of other schemes to generate more profits for the institution at the expense of the taxpayer. Pharmaceutical whistleblowers can stand to make hundreds of millions when they blow the whistle on things like off-label promotion, falsification of FDA approval, falsification of efficacy records for distribution, and kickback scenarios where the doctors or clinics are rewarding for prescribing a particular product.

If you think you might have a whistleblower case you should learn your rights. The only person who can receive a whistleblower award is the first to file, so don’t let someone else beat you to the punch. Don’t delay, call right now to speak with our whistleblower lawyer Rochester, NY turns to.