Will the Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Litigation Follow the Same Route as the Roundup Litigation?

July 6, 2020

Noted Mass Tort Lawyer Jason T. Brown, the head of Brown, LLC, repeatedly and accurately prophesized that the RoundUp Lymphoma litigation was nearing the finish line and urges individuals who used talcum powder and were diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer to speak with a Talcum Powder Law Firm as soon as possible to preserve your rights.  There are no guarantees and there weren’t when the RoundUp Lawyers predicted that the Roundup litigation was following the pattern of other mass tort cases that resolved like Actos.  Here are some of the reasons why the Talcum Powder lawyers think the ovarian cancer talcum powder case may be coming to a global resolution:

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder was pulled from the market.

When companies are looking to end liability for a product there often needs to be a final event for them to close out their potential exposure.  With J & J talcum powder, the product was voluntarily pulled from the market, which marks a time where the company can point to is a moment in time where there will be no future usage of the product and therefore the time to file a baby powder ovarian cancer claim will be limited.

Bayer Just Settled the Roundup Litigation for Roughly 11 Billion Dollars.

That’s Billion with a Capital “B.”   The Roundup settlement that is being unfurled as of this writing seeks to resolve up to 125,000 claimants who allege Roundup caused their Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or other lymphomas.  Johnson & Johnson can afford to follow the Bayer model and go back to its shareholders showing that a competitor has recently come up with a formula for resolution that they can potentially follow.

Johnson & Johnson’s Credibility is at an All Time Low. 

Johnson & Johnson structured its defense against the talcum powder litigation based on the fact that they alleged there was no possible way asbestos could have made it into their baby powder.  The company was derisive of the talcum powder lawyers and the ovarian cancer linked claims, vocally asserting there could never be causation since there hasn’t been asbestos close to their manufacturing since the 70’s.  All that was shattered when the FDA discovered asbestos in samples of their product in 2019.  Now, no one is going to believe their defenses.

The Talcum Powder Verdicts Keep Coming & Coming.

Even though Johnson and Johnson is being represented by some of the best defense lawyers in the country, when impartial juries have been presented information about the conduct of J & J, they keep coming back with big verdicts for the ovarian cancer victims.  In fact, a St. Louis jury hit J & J with a $4.7 Billion verdict and with tens of thousands of more cases out there, they can’t stay in business and pay off big verdicts with big punitive damages for conduct worth of punishment.

The 4.7 Billion Verdict Remained a Billion Dollar Verdict on Appeal.

The St. Louis Appellate Court may have sliced the verdict down a couple billion, but it’s still a couple billion dollars of exposure.  The Appellate Court also noted in its opinion that the evidence adduced at trial and found by the jury finds that the punitive damages are warranted since J & J’s conduct was deemed, “Outrageous.”

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A Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Settlement Only Makes Sense & Saves Dollars.

No amount of money will restore people to what they once were if they had preventable ovarian cancer if J & J was just straight up with consumers over the years.  Based on the foregoing circumstances, with Bayer just settling a large case, baby powder being pulled from the shelves, and Billions of dollars of verdicts sustained on appeal, J & J can’t risk having the billion dollar verdict affirmed by the Missouri Supreme Court for approximately a dozen talcum powder victims when there’s tens of thousands of women out there who still haven’t had their day in Court.  If you or a loved one used talcum powder or baby powder over the years and were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, now is the time to speak with a talcum powder lawyer and a baby powder ovarian cancer law firm before it’s late.  Even if it’s not our firm at (877) 561-0000, you need to speak with an attorney to learn your rights before a potential mass settlement is announced.