When Dollars and Cents Don’t Make Sense

May 22, 2017

Chiropractor Medicare Fraud | Physical Therapy Medicare Fraud | Whistleblower Information

In what is an all too prevalent practice in the world of chiropractors a New Jersey father son doctor tag teamed to defraud Medicare out of millions of dollars. They billed the government for chiropractic services performed by unlicensed individuals. Not only does this constitute a false claim under the False Claims Act (FCA), also referred to as a Qui Tam Action, but is dangerous to have unlicensed unqualified individuals perform medical treatment. The courageous whistleblower is receiving over $300,000 for filing the qui tam action. The medical biller for the company retained counsel and filed the relator action under seal with their New Jersey whistle blower lawyer. The United States Attorney’s Office did an excellent job, as always in prosecuting the case. See

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This is an all too common scheme where chiropracting clinics are run as money mills. According to Medicare rules and regulations, the services provided, like physical therapy must be provided by a trained physical therapist under proper supervision. Oftentimes, the chiropractor or physical therapist defrauds Medicare by employing unlicensed, untrained persons to perform physical therapy to Medicare patients, without proper supervision.

It’s a matter of economics and at some point the chiropractor or doctor decides that there’s more money to be made by employing subordinates to do the work, so more patients can be seen and they can bill Medicare more. However, in an effort to increase economic margins even further, the head of the practice, then hires cheaper unlicensed individuals so they can make more dollars and cents, but in the end it doesn’t make sense. New Jersey Medicare Fraud hurts us all. Medicare Fraud anywhere hurts us all. And if we want to discuss hurt, how about having someone who has no medical training at all, work on your back? My back hurts just thinking about it.