Brown, LLC Expands Its Roster with Whistleblower Attorney Paul Shehadi

November 10, 2023
Brown, LLC Expands Its Roster with Whistleblower Attorney Paul Shehadi

The preeminent law firm Brown, LLC, renowned for its formidable accomplishments in high-profile litigation nationwide, is delighted to announce a new addition its legal team, whistleblower attorney Paul Shehadi. Paul Shehadi brings a wealth of experience in representing whistleblowers having focused his practice on whistleblower litigation for many years. He is set to become another valuable member of Brown, LLC’s  already formidable Qui Tam Department, focusing on representing whistleblowers who expose fraud against the government through the False Claims Act, including cases related to Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, PPP Fraud, defense contractor fraud, procurement fraud and pharmaceutical fraud, as well as. SEC whistleblower matters with the use of an SEC whistleblower attorney, CFTC whistleblower matters and IRS whistleblower cases.

Brown, LLC was ranked by Lex Machina as the second most prolific False Claims Act law firm in the country using a five-year benchmark.  The firm has hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and judgments, but past results don’t guarantee future success.

Attorney Shehadi will be primarily working out of the new Wayne, PA office, but will be handling cases nationwide.  Upon joining the firm he said, “I am eager to continue working on behalf of honest and courageous people who are willing to come forward and report fraud against our government. Every year, billions of taxpayer dollars are stolen by unscrupulous individuals and corrupt companies. I am privileged to represent clients who have the integrity and perseverance to become whistleblowers and hold fraudsters accountable for their actions.”

Brown, LLC is in high demand, but still remains dedicated to offering complimentary and confidential consultations for most legal matters.

Jason T. Brown, the head of the firm and a former FBI Special Agent and Legal Advisor indicated, “Attorney Shehadi is a welcome edition to our firm, with years of experience representing whistleblowers and no shortage of work to be done. With the robust caseload we maintain and the high stakes high profile litigation we’re prosecuting, we look forward to him seamlessly working in our ranks.”

To explore your rights as a whistleblower, you can call the whistleblower law firm of Brown, LLC at (877) 561-0000 or visit their website at