Protect Your Rights with a Wage and Hour Lawyer Jersey City, NJ Offers

Many hard-working Americans who are loyal to their employers do not enjoy the same respect in return. Though their employers may not be paying them the wages they deserve, the employee may feel powerless to do anything about it. In fact, they know that if they try to assert their rights, they may lose their job. Is there any recourse for them? There is, with the help of a wage and hour lawyer in Jersey City, NJ from Brown, LLC. We are an aggressive team of lawyers who fight for the rights of workers. If you believe you might be getting underpaid by your employer, contact our office to request a free consultation. A wage and hour lawyer in Jersey City, NJ from our office can review your case and help you understand your legal options.

Wage and Hour Regulations in Jersey City, NJ

There are many ways in which your employer may be cheating you out of your just wages. If this situation occurs consistently, it can add up to a substantial amount of money. Our wage and hour lawyer in Jersey City, NJ is very familiar with this type of situation, and it is often due to an employer caring more about profits than their own loyal employees. Here are some of the most common ways in which employers take advantage of their workers:

They do not pay the employee the minimum wage as required by law.

They treat the worker as an employee but claim they are an independent contractor and thus do not pay the appropriate benefits, social security, and other required payments, as well as fail to protect the worker with workers compensation insurance.

They claim the worker does not qualify for benefits or overtime pay.

Minimum Wage in Jersey City, NJ

In the United States, there is an established federal minimum hourly wage of $7.25, below which employers cannot pay their employees. New Jersey also has a minimum wage requirement, and that amount is $8.60 per hour. This means that an employer in New Jersey cannot pay their employees less than $8.60 because that amount is the higher of the two minimum wage standards. If your employer says they only have to pay you $7.25 per hour, they are wrong. Our wage and hour lawyer in Jersey City, NJ from Brown, LLC can help right that wrong, and possibly obtain the back wages owed to you as well. That also includes the difference in hourly wages for overtime hours that you worked. There are exceptions to these rules as some types of employees are not eligible for New Jersey’s minimum wage. Common exceptions include:

  • Babysitters
  • Workers under the age of 18
  • Volunteers
  • Certain classifications of salespeople
  • Full-time students working at their educational institution

Priests, nuns, rabbis, and others who are members of a religious order

To learn more about whether or not you are entitled to additional compensation from your employer, contact us at Brown, LLC. After a free case review with a wage and hour lawyer Jersey City, NJ. You will have a clearer picture of your legal rights and how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.