Are Students Overpaying For Devalued Online Degrees?

February 20, 2018

Technology certainly has created many advancements, with the internet at the forefront of everyday life. With the proliferation of almost anything at one’s fingertips, it was a logical progression where academia now could be done remotely rather than shoulder the expense of physical attendance. However, if a degree is just a piece of paper, then what is the value on an e-degree? Do prospective employers devalue its worth? Is there a perception that remote degrees are not worth the paper they’re printed on?

US News & World Report thinks they have value and has gone through the efforts to rank online schools based on their relative worth. Further the price of an online degree has escalated over the last decade with the costs of online education reaching tens of thousands of dollars.



Further, there have been numerous alleged scandals and bankruptcies.

For example, in 2009 the University of Phoenix, perhaps the largest online school was hit with a $78.5 million dollar settlement for alleged violations of the Higher Education Act (“HEA”), in which it was alleged there were improper kickbacks used as an inducement to increase enrollment.

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An alleged scandal just erupted at one of the top ranked online business schools, where Temple’s Fox School of Business and Management’s online MBA Program allegedly misreported its numbers to US News & World Report, which resulted in a temporary halt on its ranking. The lawsuit filed against Temple’s Fox School of Business and Management’s online MBA Program is presently in it’s infancy and Temple asserts it did nothing wrong.

Brick and Mortar schools have also had it shares of problems with Trump University in November 2016 agreeing to a $25 million dollar settlement.

Some cases may dovetail into qui tam whistleblower actions when the individual is aware of funds from the federal government being misappropriated. If you have any inside information regarding a fraud in higher education or online degrees or information related to the pending lawsuit against Fox School of Business and Management, please call our office at (877) 561-0000 to discuss.