More Smoke in the RoundUp Settlement Fire

August 14, 2019

According to an article in Bloomberg News, there are rumors that there is a RoundUp Settlement in the air for roughly 8 billion dollars, so it’s critical to retain a RoundUp lawyer as soon as possible.   RoundUp, a product used to treat weeds, has been linked to Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) and other forms of lymphoma.  Our site has reported for some time that a settlement may be in the works based on certain indicia that seems to precede mass tort settlements, such as a massive escalation of RoundUp commercials, huge jury verdicts and the postponement of the upcoming trials, and Bloomberg seems to corroborate what we’ve been saying, although nothing is guaranteed.

According to the article Bayer who had taken over the Monsanto who made Roundup has offered as much as 8 billion dollars for 18,000 known cases, but when settlements like this tend to become public don’t be surprised if the amount of people injured with Roundup related NHL, CLL, MM or other lymphomas to double or triple.  If these numbers are correct, then average settlement value based on a 8 billion dollar settlement and 40,000 participants will be roughly $200,000 a case.  These numbers are comparable to Bayer’s settlement for the Yaz birth control litigation during its first round of settlements.

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Bloomberg has focused on the story since the Bayer was hit with a 2 billion dollar verdict for a single case which made the marker value plummeted by $30 billion.  Publicly traded companies can’t continue to function with a huge uncertain uncapped liability like this on its books.

However, despite rumors of a settlement brewing the mediator in charge of the case calls the fact that dollar amounts have been discussed “pure fiction.”

Whether a settlement is weeks away or years away or not in the cards at all, it is still critical if you’ve been exposed to RoundUp or lost a loved one due to Roundup to consult with a Roundup law firm as soon as possible. The RoundUp lawyers at Brown, LLC offer free consultations of RoundUp related injuries by calling (877) 561-0000 and are only paid if they win your case, but even if you don’t retain Brown, LLC, it’s important to speak with a mass tort law firm as soon as possible to know your rights and preserve your rights.