Medical Assistant at Rutgers University Hospital Commences FLSA Lawsuit

December 14, 2017

A former medical assistant who worked at Rutgers University Hospital in Newark, NJ commenced a wage and hour lawsuit against her former employer over alleged unpaid regular and overtime wages. The complaint was commenced in December 2017 against Doctors Center Management Corporation and University Physician Associates of New Jersey, Inc., alleging that they jointly employ Rutgers University Hospital’s medical assistants and that they violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), New Jersey Wage and Hour Laws and Regulations (“NJWHLR”) and New Jersey Wage Payment Law (“NJWPL”).

The FLSA complaint was filed in the District of New Jersey alleging that Defendants did not pay her for all of the hours she worked depriving her of both regular pay and overtime pay at the legally prescribed rate of 1.5 times her regular pay rate for hours over forty. The case is asking for collective action treatment under the FLSA 216(b) and Class Action status under Rule 23 for violations of NJWHLR and NJWPL.

The Plaintiff alleged that she recorded all of her working hours into Defendants’ timekeeping system, but they failed to pay her for that time. Included in this alleged unpaid time were meal breaks that were deducted from her pay without actually having a free and uninterrupted break.

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The lead plaintiff is one of potentially hundreds of Medical Assistants employed at Rutgers University Hospitals. She is pursuing this action on behalf of other Medical Assistants as a FLSA collective and NJWHLR and NJWPL class action and is requesting the Federal District Court in New Jersey to direct Defendants to pay Medical Assistants their unpaid wages, proper overtime wages, liquidated damages, and reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

This was filed at the District Court, District of New Jersey as Case No. 2:17-cv-12883-ES-JAD. The former employee is represented by the JTB Law Group, LLC.

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