Diagnosed with RoundUp Related Lymphoma – Here’s How to Help Prove Lymphoma

August 9, 2019
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At Brown, LLC our Roundup lawyers are working hard for our clients to help prove exposure to Roundup if you or a family member has been been diagnosed with or suffered:

  • RoundUp Related Lymphoma
  • RoundUp Related Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • RoundUp Related Death

Injury alone is not enough to build a case.  Recently there was a 2 billion dollar verdict on behalf of a family who used Roundup for over 30 years and developed Lymphoma. You need to prove your case by illustrating you were exposed to one of the following products over a prolonged period of time before your Lymphoma diagnosis.
Exposure to the following products:

    • Roundup
    • Roundup Pro
    • Ranger Pro Herbicide
    • Roundup Extended Control
    • Roundup ProMax
    • Roundup Concentrate MAX Control
    • Roundup Concentrate MAX Control 365
    • Roundup Pro Concentrate
      • Roundup QuikPro
      • Roundup Ready-to-Use
      • Roundup Ready-to-Use Max Control
      • Roundup Ready-to-Use Extended Control
      • Roundup Precision Gel
      • Roundup For Lawns
      • Roundup Ready-to-Use Poison Ivy
      • Roundup Weed & Grass Killer

Even if you’ve unfortunately been diagnosed with Lymphoma, if there is a Roundup settlement, in all likelihood we will be required to prove the exposure to Roundup, so the earlier you or your RoundUp lawyers start working on proofs for exposure the better.  On the flip side, litigation is a very serious matter.  You need to be truthful with your lawyers about exposure.  If you lie in a lawsuit or lie to your lawyers, you could wind up in trouble.  It’s one thing to know you’ve been exposed to Roundup and come up short with the proofs for one reason or another, it’s another thing to lie to your lawyers or the Court about your exposure. Please be candid with your Roundup Lawyers regarding possible exposure to RoundUp.  If you know you unfortunately had a lymphoma, and you weren’t exposed to RoundUp there’s still other cases you may pursue, for example for certain Allergan breast implants, or industrial Benzene exposure. For those that are confident they were exposed:

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If you have ever worked in any of the following industries (“Industrial Exposure”):

      • Gardeners
      • Landscapers
      • Farmers/Agricultural Workers
      • Herbicide Applicators
      • Groundskeepers
      • Employees of Monsanto who worked on the Roundup

You or your Roundup law firm need to start gathering your employment and also develop a truthful and record that while employed there you used or were exposed to Roundup.  You will need to provide at least information on the Employer, City, State, Occupation, Job Duties and Dates of Employment, and any documentation that could prove the employment, such as payroll records, pay stubs and checks, and employment offer and/or termination letters.

 If you claim you have been exposed at your own residence and properties/lands (“Residential Exposure”), you or the mass tort RoundUp Lawyers need to start working on proof that you were exposed to Roundup.  If you were exposed by items you purchased, you need to start right away looking for proofs that include the following:

      1. Credit Card and hard copy Receipts, and online orders showing purchases at a place that sold Roundup (like Home Depot or Lowe’s).  From those receipts you need to see if we can obtain records of the actual transactions showing Roundup purchases.
      2. Names and addresses of the stores that the Roundup was purchased from.
      3. Declarations from individuals establishing you were exposed to Roundup, such as your family members and friends, which may be given lesser probative worth than declarations from independent third parties that know you were exposed.
      4. Pictures of you from the past showing potential exposure.  That is many pictures in open fields, on farms, etc where you can establish Roundup was used.

The other day we wrote about something swirling in the air beyond Roundup and mentioned the next trial is only two weeks away.  Well, today Bayer has reported that the next trials may be postponed, another possibly symptom of a global Roundup settlement. In the past when there have been global settlements in mass torts, the proof of usage of the product has been critical.  You need to start working on this right away.  If you’ve been diagnosed with Lymphoma and were exposed to RoundUp and need a team of lawyers dedicated to helping you prove your exposure, please call our RoundUp law firm at (877) 561-0000, the call is free and confidential, and the lawyers are only paid if they win your case – call right now as your rights are extremely time sensitive.