8.36 Million Dollars Final Approval Given for Brown, LLCs Consumer Class Action

August 26, 2019

Final Approval Given for Brown, LLCs Consumer Class Action Valued at 8.36 Million Dollars

The Court gave final approval to a class action commenced by Brown, LLC on behalf of thousands of students. On August 5, 2019, Judge Cynthia Rufe of the United States District Court of Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted final judgment and approval of the two Class Action Settlements negotiated by a legal team including Jason T. Brown of Brown, LLC.

As part of the Settlements, students enrolled in select programs will receive payments based on their credits and respective program tuition. Students enrolled the Online MBA program will take part in a $4 million fund, while students enrolled in other programs will share a $1.475 million fund. In addition, Temple will give students ongoing benefits including career counseling and free access to online educational materials.  Additionally, there was a meaty portion of the settlement that had non-economic relief, which were logical components that were meaningful to the students to move forward, but valued at roughly an additional $3 million dollars.

In reviewing and approving these considerable awards to Temple students, Judge Rufe commended this particular Class Action settlement as a “public service.” The Settlements also won the overwhelming approval of the students, with 74% of all affected Online MBA students choosing to opt into the Class Action. Of the nearly 3,000 affected students, no one objected to the Settlements.