Toyota Manufacturing of Kentucky

The Defendant

Toyota Manufacturing of Kentucky is Toyota’s largest vehicle manufacturing plant in the world and operates in Georgetown, Kentucky, USA.

The Employees

Position(s): Production Team Members, Team Leaders, and employees of Kelly Services, Inc. who worked in any group other than Paint Shops

Location(s): Toyota’s manufacturing plant located at 1001 Cherry Blossom Way Georgetown, Kentucky 40324

Time Period:  September 21, 2013, through August 16, 2019.

The Claims in the Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that Toyota Manufacturing of Kentucky committed the following violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Kentucky’s Wages and Hours Act:

  1. Failing to pay pre-shift time spent donning clothing and gear that was directly related to their jobs;
  2. Maintaining an unlawful rounding policy under which time was rounded to the nearest one-tenth of an hour (1/10), which deprived employees of pay for time spent working for several minutes after their breaks were scheduled to begin and/or after their shifts were scheduled to end;
  3. Failing to include the compensation including performance-based, non-discretionary bonuses, shift differentials, and wellness credits, in the determination of the “regular rate of pay,” for purposes of calculating hourly overtime rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was I required to complete a consent form in order to be part of the settlement?

No. Employees who are otherwise eligible to be part of the settlement will not be excluded due to not completing a consent form.

How long will the case take?

We anticipate that employees elect to participate in the settlement will receive payments in early 2020, but cannot make any guarantees regarding the timing.