Southern Californian Physician Sued for Fraudulent Vein Procedures

A whistleblower has filed a qui tam Complaint under the Federal and California False Claims Acts and the California Fraud Insurance Prevention Act in a Los Angeles Federal Court alleging that Simi Valley-based physician Dr. Shahrzad Shareghi performed unnecessary vein procedures, including ablations and sclerotherapy, to fraudulently earn millions of dollars from insurers. The complaint alleges that Dr. Shareghi lied to patients about the health benefits of vein procedures, performed surgeries for purely cosmetic purposes, and engaged in Medicare Fraud and Insurance Fraud by performing these procedures purely to receive the billing and not for the best interest of the patients. 

Read more details about the case here.

Individuals with information about Dr. Shareghi or the practices alleged in the complaint may contact the whistleblower attorneys of Brown, LLC by calling (877) 561-0000.

Please note that the complaint and the description of the complaint are merely allegations and have not been proven as of this writing.  The Defendant has not admitted to these allegations and is vigorously defending and contesting the allegations.