How Can Zantac Possibly be Linked to Cancer?

June 8, 2020

If you took Zantac and were diagnosed with cancer you should speak with a Zantac lawyer as soon as possible as your rights are time sensitive.  This year (2020) the FDA issued a nationwide recall of Zantac (ranitidine).  If you still have any Zantac or ranitidine in your possession, it’s important not to throw it out since it may be the important proof for your case.  How did we come to this point?  If Zantac was approved by the FDA wasn’t it considered safe?  Whose fault is it that an unsafe product made it into the stream of commerce and into many peoples’ bodies?

Let’s first speak about the FDA. They are a wonderful agency with a benign purpose that is a part of the federal government.  Like most federal agencies, they are underfunded and understaffed and unless there’s someone on the inside of the pharmaceutical company who is a whistleblower, then they’re just receiving the messaging from the company in the way the company wants to present the narrative.  If you ever watched a great magician, they have you looking in one direction while something else is going on in front of your eyes and they fool you.  Well, with certain drug companies, they don’t even have to secrete things in front of your eyes, instead all they have to do is be disciplined in what they show the FDA and even more disciplined, if not, nefarious in what they hold back.

The link between Zantac and cancer was discovered by an online pharmacy who engaged in a quality control check before making a shipment and incredulously discovered a thousand-fold presence of NDMA, a cancer-causing substance.  This ill discovery was then replicated many times over all over the world.  When I say incredulously, it is incredible that for over a decade this substance had this impurity and it was not discovered earlier.  Was it because the makers of Zantac were falsifying their purity results?   If so, and if there were prescriptions using Medicare or Medicaid, there may be an action under the False Claims Act for a courageous whistleblower who can expose the falsified testing. 

However, if you examine the history of the New Drug Application (“NDA”) and subsequent testing, then one will probably find out that early on the manufacturer ruled out any chance of this impurity eventuality and convinced the FDA they did not need to look for NDMA presence in its purity and batch testing.   Whatever the purloined process that led to this situation, there needs to be accountability within the drug manufacturer company and the FDA need to audit how this could have gone on for so many years. 

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Zantac, a drug so common and considered so safe for so many years, crept into many households since it was allowed to be over the counter, meaning you don’t need a prescription. And with those millions of purchases unsuspecting individuals invited themselves to an elevated risk of cancer, which turned into cancer for some and death for some.  Horrific. 

It’s not easy to hold a drug manufacturer accountable and when you do it’s just generally about money, but if there are individuals who actually knew about the cancer risk and falsification of data or purity testing that led us to where we are today then there must be criminal consequences.

To double down on the dastardly conduct of the drug company, Zantac law firms that are trying to alert consumers about the Zantac cancer link are stifled by censorship as Zantac is causing ads to come down claiming trademark rights.  It is Fair Use to alert consumers of the potential link between Cancer and Zantac.  Encountering censorship when the public health is at stake is also unbelievable, but it’s happening.

At some point down the road the Zantac cancer victims will hopefully achieve justice.  The Zantac lawyers at Brown, LLC are handling the Zantac litigation on a contingency basis, meaning the firm is only paid if they win your case and are offering free consultations nationwide at (877) 561-0000.  You should speak with their Zantac law firm or other Zantac lawyers to find out if you can participate in the Zantac lawsuit.