California Whistleblowers Awards Help Recover Billions from Fraudsters

June 17, 2022
The California state capitol building in sacramento

Under California’s State False Claims Act, whistleblowers can through the use of a whistleblower law firm report fraud upon the State Government and earn up to 50% of the recovered funds. This considerable bounty incentivizing courageous insiders to do the right thing and speak up is deservedly the most generous in the nation and has resulted in roughly a billion dollars of whistleblower rewards for those individuals who have successfully navigated the statute with some of the best qui tam law firms.  It has powerfully delivered staggering results for the State Treasury and thus huge savings to the taxpayers. Since 2001, California has recouped over $2 billion that would otherwise have been lost to fraud. Almost $200 million of these recovered funds will go to support the efforts of the California Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

Private whistleblowers were responsible for the overwhelming majority of lawsuits brought under the California False Claims Act. Of the cases filed since 2001, 345 were launched by private individuals with the assistance of their whistleblower lawyer. During the same timeframe, the California Attorney General only brought 3 lawsuits that did not involve a private qui tam law firm.

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California’s success demonstrates the critical role of whistleblowers in protecting taxpayers from fraud upon government programs – which unfortunately is rampant. Some estimates place the annual amount of Medicare fraud at approximately $60 billion nationwide. In contrast, the United States Justice Department recovered only $5.6 billion in fiscal year 2021 through the False Claims Act. There is plenty more wrongdoing out there for whistleblowers to tackle. Federal and state governments can incentivize additional qui tam lawsuits by vigorously supporting whistleblowers and awarding higher awards and passing statutes that mirror the success that the California whistleblower statute enjoys.

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