$4.7B Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Verdict Slashed in Half

July 6, 2020

Instead of this Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Law Firm editorializing about the conduct of Johnson & Johnson and the link between its baby powder and ovarian cancer, listen to the words of the Missouri Appeals Court who indicated the conduct of the defendant “was outrageous.”  The Court further added that: “The evidence adduced in this trial showed clear and convincing evidence defendants engaged in conduct that was outrageous because of evil motive or reckless indifference.”

The commentary by the appeals court doesn’t even include one of the most egregious whoppers of a lie a company has ever tried to sell the public on in recent ages as it wasn’t in the record yet when the $4.7 Billion verdict was issued.  That major lie by Johnson & Johnson was that there’s no way their talcum powder could cause cancer because there’s no asbestos in their product and there hasn’t been since the early 70s.  That falsehood was shattered as the FDA found asbestos in their baby powder in October of 2019.  Something that they claim never could in a million years possibly happen, happened. 

Due to certain issues regarding jurisdiction, the Court indicated that out-of-state plaintiffs did not have standing to bring their claims in Missouri and sliced out damages for 17 out of the 22 plaintiffs that were part of the large but deserving verdict. 

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When it came time to address the large punitive damages award, the Court was acidic to Johnson & Johnson’s feigned innocence and defenses tearing, into the company repeatedly that their appellate submission did not vitiate the evidence at trial regarding the bad conduct of the Defendant. 

In fairness to the Defendant, here is what their discredited spokesperson had to say about the ruling: “We are grateful to the court for their time; however, we continue to believe this was a fundamentally flawed trial, grounded in a faulty presentation of the facts, and will pursue further review of this case by the Supreme Court of Missouri. We deeply sympathize with anyone suffering from cancer, which is why the facts are so important. We remain confident that our talc is safe, asbestos-free, and does not cause cancer.”

Notice the last sentence regarding the discredited “asbestos-free” representation.  Impartial juries across the country when hearing about the evil conduct of Johnson & Johnson are coming up with large verdicts because of the talcum powder ovarian cancer link.  If the rhetoric in this writing sounds heated, it is.  Imagine you or your loved one having to deal with ovarian cancer because Johnson & Johnson hid the ball about the risks. If that happened to you or a loved one you should speak with our talcum powder lawyers today by calling (877) 561-0000 to learn your rights.