Fast Pace Health (Healthcare Workers)

Please Note – Defendant denies all of the allegations in the Complaint

Brown, LLC has an active lawsuit regarding alleged wage and hour violations committed by Defendant Fast Pace Medical Clinic PLLC d/b/a Fast Pace Health, the Defendant in the lawsuit. An active lawsuit does not mean the Defendant has done anything wrong or should be presumed to have done anything wrong. There have been no findings or admissions of liability in the lawsuit to date.

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The Defendant

Fast Pace Health operates a network of 170+ healthcare centers in Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Indiana that provide services such as urgent care, primary care, orthopedic services, behavioral health, dermatology, telehealth, on-site lab testing, and X-ray testing.

The Employees

Persons who worked for Fast Pace, or one of its current or former affiliates, including but not limited to FPMCM, LLC, in a non-exempt position and are/were subject to Fast Pace’s meal-break deduction policy, and/or received one or more bonuses that were not included in your regular rate(s) of pay, and worked at location in: (1)Tennessee at any time between July 8, 2016, and May 21, 2024; (2) Kentucky at any time between July 8, 2017, and May 21, 2024 (3) Indiana at any time between July 8, 2019, and May 21, 2024; (4) Louisiana at any time between July 8, 2016, and May 21, 2024; and (5) Mississippi at any time between July 8, 2016, May 21, 2024.

The Claims in the Lawsuit

The Complaint alleges that Fast Pace Health violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) by (1) implementing a company-wide policy of automatically deducting thirty minutes of pay per shift for “meal breaks” even though the workers worked through their shifts and did not receive bona fide meal breaks; and (2) failing to include nondiscretionary bonuses in its calculation of employees’ rates of pay for overtime hours.

The United States is founded on the principle of innocent until proven guilty. This is a civil matter stemming from a civil lawsuit, and unless and until there is a verdict against Fast Pace Health, then everything contained in the allegations should just be considered allegations.

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