The Secrets of the Best Whistleblower Lawyer(s) – Part 1

April 30, 2019

When you have a potential whistleblower lawsuit, one of the most common questions people google is who is the top whistleblower lawyer by me.  The answer, if not lawyerly itself, is it depends.

Selection of a Top Whistleblower Lawyer is really what firm is best fitted to handle your particular type of whistleblower lawsuit and who you can you see yourself working with for at least a couple years.  Some people think they can use the information to threaten a company and that company will just roll over.  Well that is just not the case and if you send a demand letter the wrong way you may actually compromise your ability to bring a whistleblower action later on or worse wind up like Michael Avenatti indicted for blackmail.


In vetting the top whistleblower lawyers, first, you should find a firm that lines up with the type of qui tam lawsuit you intend to file and make sure the whistleblower law firm you’re considering handles that type of case.  Here are many different types of whistleblowers cases, False Claims Act, SEC whistleblowers, CFTC whistleblowers, cryptocurrency whistleblowers, IRS whistleblower, state law whistleblowers.  Not every case is a whistleblower action.  Just because you believe you know a company is acting illegally or unethically doesn’t automatically give you rights under federal laws or whistleblower statutes.  For example, unless you’re in California or Illinois, if you know of a private insurance company being defrauded the case is not actionable under classical qui tam or whistleblower statutes.

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Although, you can have a whistleblower action from being an outsider, that is being defrauded yourself or knowing someone defrauded, the real emphasis for whistleblower statutes is on the insiders and knowing of a pattern of fraud.  Some Courts will look to see if you have insider information to qualify for a whistleblower award and may actually allow a defendant to dismiss your case if you can’t show the pattern of overbilling or fraud through the whistleblower complaint itself.

In part 2 of the Secrets of the Best Whistleblower Lawyers, we will take you through more detail about the different types of whistleblower actions and the potential whistleblower awards, and as always feel free to reach to our Jersey City based whistleblower law firm Brown, LLC, handling cases and offering free whistleblower consultations nationwide and the firm is only paid in most circumstances if we win your case.