$80 Million Dollar RoundUp Lymphoma Verdict Slashed To $25.3 Million

August 29, 2019

If you’ve watched any television lately, you’ll see a hot escalation of RoundUp Lawyer commercials, in part due to a series of verdicts for the Roundup Lymphoma connection.  Thousands of claims have been made against  Monsanto Co, a company bought out by pharmaceutical giant Bayer. In one of the latest cases, a RoundUp award of $75 million was issued to Edwin Hardeman, the plaintiff in the case, by a jury. The United States District Court Judge overseeing the case slashed a portion of the verdict to $20 million by a process called remitter, bringing the total verdict to $25.3 million when previous compensations paid by Bayer is taken into account.

U.S. Judge Cuts Verdict

Despite numerous internet trolls attempting to repudiate the link between Roundup and Lyphoma, particularly non-Hodgkin Lympoma (NHL) impartial juries have consistently after hearing the evidence presented and rebutted by Bayer have ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and believed that Roundup caused and causes Lymphoma.  The verdict in  in favor of the plaintiff, Edwin Hardeman, was one of a trilogy, in a recent case against the international pharmaceutical company, Bayer. In the case, the plaintiff claimed that a chemical glysophate found in a weedkiller produced by Bayer owned company Monsanto Co had contributed to the development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Edwin Hardeman claimed to have used the weedkiller since the 1980s. The product was primarily used to assist in treating weds and poison oak on the plaintiff’s property. In 2014, the plaintiff was diagnosed with cancer, specifically non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He is currently in remission.

A jury had previously awarded the plaintiff an amount of $5.27 million for compensatory damages. with an additional $75 million for punitive damages.

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United States District Court Judge Vince Chhabria from San Francisco, reduced the punitive element of the juries verdict from $75 million to $20 million.  Former FBI Special Agent Jason T. Brown, the head of the law firm Brown, LLC whose Roundup law firm represents scores of people who have been diagnosed with lymphoma as a result of their exposure to Roundup said, “It’s no surprise this verdict and the billion dollar verdict were cut by the Court.  The verdicts have taken the temperature of impartial observers on the jury and its important to note that these big verdicts are signaling  the amount of outrage juries have consistently come up with about the conduct of the defendants.”  The Judge noted that the punitive award was initially 15 times the compensatory and instead reduced it

With the $5.27 million in compensatory damages already awarded to the plaintiff in the lawsuit, the addition of the $20 million settlement brings the total amount payable by Bayer to $25.27 million.


Independent juries who weigh the evidence regarding Roundup have consistently found there is a RoundUp cancer connection, specifically with Lymphoma.  Brown, LLC, a law firm handling Lymphoma RoundUp claims has indicated that although the verdict was slashed, that it believes Bayer cannot continue to sustain multi-million dollar verdicts and as high as a billion dollar verdict without having a strategy to send the RoundUp litigation.  Consequently, time may be of the essence, and if you or a loved one were exposed to RoundUp and were diagnosed with Lymphoma or Leukemia, you should speak with a law firm as soon as possible – Brown, LLC has RoundUp lawyers standing by at (877) 561-0000 to speak with you about your rights, but even if its not Brown, LLC, based on the pattern other mass tort settlements have followed, it’s critical to consult with an attorney as soon as possible so you are not left out if there’s any RoundUp Settlement.