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Medicare Advantage Provider and Physician Pay

The whistleblower attorneys at Brown, LLC helped expose the scheme of a California medical practice that allegedly boost the payments it received as a Medicare Advantage plan provider by reporting false diagnoses, leading Medicare to think that their patient population was sicker – and so in need of more care – than it actually was. This is a still-emerging area of the law as the country’s population ages and more and more people participate in Medicare Advantage plans. The whistleblower in the case, who worked at the medical practice, received more than $800,000 as a whistleblower award.


The whistleblower lawyers at Brown, LLC helped the government recover $300,000 from a doctor who allegedly committed Medicaid fraud by “upcoding” certain procedures and by diluting (and over-prescribing) an injectable antibiotic. The whistleblower worked as a physician assistant for the doctor but was fired, allegedly for complaining about the fraud. The whistleblower’s award included a share of the government’s recovery, plus a $385,000 settlement of his separate retaliation claim against the doctor.


Brown, LLC’s whistleblower attorneys were able to obtain a $175,000 settlement for retaliation suffered by a mid-level manager at a big defense contractor – a company with a long history of False Claims Act settlements. Although the fraud allegations in this case were eventually dismissed, the whistleblower still received a substantial payment. Defense contracting fraud is a serious problem, costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars. If you have inside information about such fraud, you owe it to your country and to yourself to contact whistleblower lawyers who know how to handle big, complex cases. Give Brown, LLC a call today.


A case against GenomeDx was brought alleging violations of the False Claims Act (FCA) and the California Insurance Claims Fraud Prevention Act regarding unnecessary services such as the testing of tissues that did not need to be tested. The case resulted in a $350,000 whistleblower award.

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